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Why Kc Scholars Matters So Much

A Strong, Recognizable, Community Asset

Nearly every Scholar calls KC Scholars a game-changer. Without the financial support from KC Scholars, many of the scholarship recipients  would have been challenged with paying for a college education alone. Without KC Scholars, most students would have gone deep into debt and many others would not have attended or completed college. KC Scholars empowers program participants to complete college and graduate without significant debt.

KC Scholars was designed to create a positive impact on Kansas City region’s economy and workforce. Learn more at Impact about how the program matters to this region.


How KC Scholars Started Through Community Engagement

KC Scholars creates a strong college-going culture across our region and ranks among Kansas City’s most prized and transformative programs.

The program’s mission is rooted in one man’s commitment to post-secondary education as a life-changer! Ewing Marion Kauffman was an entrepreneur and humanitarian whose innovative and long-lasting contributions have benefited millions of people in Kansas City and beyond.

Mr. Kauffman believed that a post-secondary education is possible for everyone regardless of income, age, or ethnicity.

To continue his legacy, the Kauffman Foundation gifted  the community with a large –scale scholarship and support program to support many across the broad region.

KC Scholars started as a community-engaged process. Over 70 members of the regional community helped plan KC Scholars in 2016 and 2017, and their experiences and expertise shaped program design.

 KC Scholars is a 501(c)(3) entity, resides in the community, and reports to a community-based Board of Directors. KC Scholars publicly launched on September 28, 2016. It awarded its first scholarships in May 2017. Read more about the number of Scholars and impact here.

KC Scholars is unlike any other program nationally and changes the lives of thousands of low- and modest-income Kansas Citians,  all while transforming the region’s workforce and economy.


Great Jobs KC

Many adults believe they will never have the opportunity to complete college. KC Scholars’ Adult Learner Programs allow adults to achieve their college dreams and become role models for their family and community.

Find out if you qualify for our Adult Learner Program – Great Jobs KC

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