Only 10% of low-income, first-generation to college individuals complete a college degree. KC Scholars can change that for our region and you can be part of that change.

Most Scholars say that without KC Scholars they would not have attended college. Your donation can change a life!

KC Scholars provides the means – through scholarships, financial incentives to promote college savings, and support services – for low- and modest-income students and adults needing access to pursue and complete a college degree. By doing so, KC Scholars will increase the Greater Kansas City postsecondary graduation rate, workforce pipeline numbers, and civic engagement. KC Scholars will make at least 500 awards annually (250 traditional, 200 adult learner, 50 college savings match) and seed up to 500 college savings accounts annually.

Watch Scholars being awarded at May 1st surprise award ceremonies and you will be inspired to donate!


Don’t wait. Donate now. Paying for college is the greatest barrier to those who might have otherwise attended. KC Scholars provides hope and opportunity by making college possible for thousands.

Everyone can contribute to the success of KC Scholars and the students and adult learners it supports. 100% of donations go directly to scholarship support, enabling KC Scholars to award even more scholarships in future years.

Donations as little as $50 are accepted and we encourage larger, multi-year donations. Donors receive a statement for tax purposes.

If you prefer to visit in person about a potential donation, please contact President and CEO, Dr. Beth Tankersley-Bankhead.


Individuals and organizations who wish to provide scholarship funds may do so in a manner that allows them to (1) leverage funds already committed by other donors and (2) retain their name so that the recipients will know who provided funding for the scholarship.

The named scholarship will be awarded with both the KC Scholars name and the donor’s name.

Named scholarship opportunities are available for a commitment of $2,500 a year for 5 consecutive years.

Named scholarships were introduced at the public launch of KC Scholars on September 28, 2016 as an inaugural vehicle to provide the opportunity for community investors to make significant early commitments to the program and to name the scholarship in honor of someone and/or the contributing individual or entity. To learn more about this opportunity, contact President and CEO Dr. Beth Tankersley-Bankhead at


100% of donations go directly to support additional scholarships.

The KC Scholars’ funding model provides the opportunity for community members to donate so that even more scholarships are awarded each year. 100% of donations fund additional scholarships for low- and modest-income students and adult learners from our region.

Donors with an * after their name are Inaugural Donors that donated between program launch and June 30, 2018. KC Scholars secured a recognizable and respected group of community leaders as inaugural donors. They will be memorialized as inaugural donors in perpetuity. Because of their generosity and belief in the program mission and impact, KC Scholars exceeded its early fundraising goals.

It is through ongoing support of the community that we will ensure that KC Scholars creates significant impact to the region’s workforce and economy. We appreciate our funders and thank them for providing college opportunity to those that otherwise would likely have not attended or completed college.

  • Academy Bank
  • Mauli & Sue Agrawal
  • Arvest Foundation
  • Ash Grove Charitable Foundation
  • Ashley Anderson*
  • Avila University*
  • Charlie & Dorothy Aylward
  • Backstrom Family Foundation*
  • Ibraheem Badejo, Ph.D.
  • Zulema & Terry Bassham
  • Todd & Julie Bickel
  • Barbara & Robert Bloch
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City*
  • John & Nancy Bowen
  • Ben Bradley*
  • O. Maxine & Lloyd Briggs
  • Amy Brown*
  • Howard & Edie Brown – Jacob & Frances O. Brown Family Fund
  • Michael & Eva Brown – Jacob & Frances O. Brown Family Fund
  • Robert Buckley*
  • John Cadwalader*
  • Carl S. Privitera Sr. Trust
  • Nat & June Cassingham
  • Johanna Chavez*
  • Charles L. Abrams & Evelyn R. Abrams Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City
  • Maria Chaurand*
  • John Christie
  • Cerner Corporation
  • David & Barbara Christianson
  • Pat & Virginia Clune
  • Colliers International*
  • Karen Collins*
  • CommunityAmerica Foundation*
  • Community Services League*
  • Condon Family Foundation*
  • Continental Siding Supply
  • Monica Copeland
  • CSL: Anonymous Donor
  • CSL Scholars: Midland Scholarship
  • Kathleen Boyle Dalen*
  • Dave & Dee Dillon Charitable Fund*
  • Penny & David Doty
  • Martha Doty
  • Dunn Family Foundation*
  • Bill & Jean Dunn
  • Ernie & Rose Dunn
  • Terrence & Peggy Dunn*
  • Roger A. & Corinne R. Durkee Fund
  • Debbie and Alan Edelman
  • Edward F. Swinney Trust
  • Tammy Edwards*
  • EL Stoley Scholarship Fund
  • Enid & Crosby Kemper Foundation
  • Enterprise Bank & Trust*
  • Enterprise Holdings Foundation*
  • Enterprise Holdings – Kansas LLC
  • David Evans (Evans Good Works Fund via the First Hand Foundation)
  • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation*
  • Lisa Feingold
  • Gery Flattery*
  • Fort Osage Education Foundation
  • Frank Lipsman & Janet Mark Fund
  • Sandy & Ed Fried Family
  • Terry Garberg
  • Sophia Garcia*
  • Gautreaux Family Foundation*
  • Global Prairie*
  • Grain Valley Education Foundation
  • Greater Horizons
  • Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
  • Lacey Graverson*
  • Susan Gray*
  • Guadalupe Centers
  • Wendy & Dean Guillies*
  • Tonya Guinn*
  • Hallmark Cards, Incorporated
  • Jim & Sharon Hannah
  • Jackie & Brent Hathhorn
  • Michael & Sylvia Haverty
  • Helen S. Boylan Foundation*
  • Shirley & Barnett Helzberg Foundation*
  • Hickman Mills Educational Foundation*
  • Hile Family
  • Hockaday Family Fund*
  • Karrin Huhmann*
  • Hunt Family Foundation
  • Husch Blackwell*
  • Steve & Joan Israelite*
  • Anthony Ivory*
  • Larry Jacob, Jr.*
  • Jedel Family Foundation
  • JE Dunn Construction Co.*
  • Bev & Justin Johl
  • Amy Jordan*
  • Elizabeth Kane
  • KCP&L*
  • Kauffman Foundation Holiday Match Program*
  • Kearney School District Education Foundation
  • Christine & Sandy Kemper Family Foundation*
  • John & Nancy Kimak*
  • Jan & Tom Kreamer*
  • Garland & Sarah Land
  • Leawood Elementary 5th Grade Class*
  • Benny & Edith Lee*
  • Al Lefko*
  • Larry Lester
  • Mary Long
  • Loretta M. Britton Charitable Fund
  • Samantha Love*
  • Mary Elizabeth Martin Scholarship Trust (U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee)
  • Keith Mays*
  • Mary & Gary Meissner
  • Cheryl McConnell*
  • Sue (& Irv Belzer) McCord-Belzer*
  • McCown Family Foundation*
  • Mary McLean & Rita Cortes*
  • Missouri Scholarship & Loan Foundation*
  • MU
  • Patrick & Mary Beth Musick
  • New Frontier Educational Foundation*
  • Tyler & Leigh Nottberg*
  • Garold & Evelyn Oliver*
  • Elizabeth O’Shaughnessy
  • Marta Padula*
  • Peculiar Charitable Foundation
  • Carl Pelofsky*
  • Lisa Pelofsky*
  • Mark Pelofsky & Kari Tannenbaum*
  • Chris Perkins*
  • Zachary Pierce*
  • Amy & Dallas Polen, III*
  • Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)*
  • Prier Charitable Foundation
  • Prosperity Now 1:1 Fund
  • R & C Charitable Foundation*
  • Victor & Helen Regnier Fund*
  • Michael Roane
  • Bonney Root
  • Valerie Salazar
  • Scheels
  • Mike & Cathy Schultz*
  • Jane Schulz
  • Sue Seidler*
  • Shirish & Rashmi Shah*
  • Peter & Amy Shapiro
  • Wendy Shaull
  • Sherman Family Foundation*
  • Ronald & Suzanne Slepitza*
  • David & Nola Soper
  • Sosland Foundation*
  • Morton & Estelle Sosland*
  • Spire*
  • Sprint Foundation*
  • Stephen Statler
  • Michael Stolper
  • Jeannine Strandjord*
  • David Ta
  • Beth Tankersley-Bankhead*
  • The George K. Baum Family Foundation*
  • The Harley-Davidson Foundation*
  • The Ronald D. Deffenbaugh Foundation*
  • The Stanley H. Durwood Foundation*
  • Liza & Guy Townsend*
  • Candice Uhlig*
  • UMKC
  • University of Missouri System
  • Kenna Valentine*
  • LB & Sandra Vierling
  • Village Presbyterian Church
  • David & Julie Warm*
  • Shari Wassergord*
  • Carolyn Watley*
  • WdS Educational Foundation*
  • Sandra Weaver
  • William D. Sullivan Family Foundation
  • India Wells-Carter*
  • James & Marilyn Witkop
  • Jean-Paul Wong*