KC Scholars

Community Impact

KC Scholars is changing lives

Transforming The Region

KC Scholars is changing thousands of lives by serving individuals who earn low and modest incomes so that they can gain economic security through family sustaining wages, while contributing to the regional economy.

“Our Scholars express their gratitude for the community’s support of and investment in them. Nearly $6.72 million has been raised as of June 2021”

President and CEO of KC Scholars

KC Scholars positively impact the community.

Scholars Will Spend More in Their Regional Community

According to the Brookings Institute, those with a bachelor’s degree spend $278,000 more during their lifetime in the local economy. This translates to $2.24 trillion in increased spending infused into Kansas City’s regional economy.

KC Scholars is  designed by the community, for the community,  to positively impact the community.



KC Scholars is doing exactly what it was designed to do

Traditional Scholars

+32 Percentage Points

KC Scholars’ college enrollment rate out of high school is 32
percentage points higher than the region.

Adult Learner Scholars

+35 Percentage Points

KC Scholars’ adult learners are persisting in college at rates 35
percentage points higher than the national average.


Families Are Going to College Together

Many KC Scholars’ awardees are family members: parents and children, siblings, a set of quadruplets, twins, and three generations in the same family. This creates a family-based culture of attending and completing college. After the 2022 award cycle, KC Scholars has over 450 Scholars who have other family members who are also KC Scholars.

A mother and Adult Learner Scholar, said about her daughter who is a Traditional Scholar,

“I want to show my children that you should finish what you start. No one in my family has gotten a degree, so it’s important for me to do that. I am so excited that my daughter and I will be in college at the same time. If I need help, she’s always there to help me. I hope she’ll be able to use me as a study buddy or someone who can relate ….”

Another mother, part of a mother and daughter scholarship recipient combo said, “I never thought this would happen! I am proud and honored to go to college at the same time as my daughter. … Now, I just need to work hard to keep up with good grades so that I don’t put my daughter to shame!”