KC Scholars



KC Scholars Has Multiple Opportunities for The Community to Get Involved

Want to invest in a program that creates transformational change for thousands in Kansas City region? KC Scholars was designed by the community, for the community, and to positively impact the community.Community involvement is an important pillar in KC Scholar’s guiding philosophy. All donations KC Scholars receives are then reinvested in the community. 100% of donations go directly to support additional scholarships for low- and modest-income students and adult learners from the Kansas City region. Anyone can donate to KC Scholars.

Paying for college is the greatest barrier to those who might have otherwise attended. KC Scholars provides hope and opportunity by making college possible for thousands. Everyone can contribute to the success of KC Scholars and the students and adult learners it supports. 100% of donations go directly to scholarship support, enabling KC Scholars to award even more scholarships in future years.

Donations of all amounts are accepted, and  larger, multi-year donations are also encouraged. Donors receive a statement for tax purposes. If you prefer to visit in person about a potential donation, please contact Chief Development Officer, Jessica Rhodes.

Serve your COMMUNITY

KC Scholars Provides an Opportunity for the Community to Donate and Serve

Designed as a community asset, KC Scholars embraces the philosophy that community involvement is necessary for its success and to achieve the desired impact. Check out the many ways to become involved in KC Scholars.

Community Members
Can Share

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Community members can share the scholarship opportunities with their family, friends, and peers. Refer to the Marketing Resources page for more information.

Community Members Can Set Up a Named Scholarship.

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Community members can set up a scholarship and name it to directly support a program they care deeply about.

Change a life

Donate To Change a Life and Create Transformational Change in The Kansas City Region

Only ten percent of low-income, first-generation college students complete a degree. KC Scholars can change that for the region, and you can be part of that change.

Your donation can change a life! Most Scholars say that without KC Scholars they would not have attended college. KC Scholars provides the means – through scholarships, financial incentives to promote college savings, and support services – for low- and modest-income students and adults who need access to pursue and complete a college degree. By doing so, KC Scholars will increase the Greater Kansas City post-secondary graduation rate, workforce pipeline numbers, and civic engagement. KC Scholars makes at least 700 awards annually (250 traditional, 200 Adult Learners, and up to 250 college savings match).


Named Scholarship opportunities are available for a commitment of $2,500 a year for five consecutive years.

Named Scholarships were introduced at the public launch of KC Scholars on September 28, 2016, as an opportunity for community investors to make significant early commitments to the program and to name the scholarship in honor the contributing individual or entity. The Named Scholarship will be awarded with both the KC Scholar’s name and the donor’s name.

To learn more about this opportunity, contact Director of Development Jessica Rhodes at jrhodes@kcscholars.org

What KC Scholars provide

100% of donations go directly to support additional scholarships.

The KC Scholars’ funding model provides the opportunity for community members to donate so that even more scholarships are awarded each year. 100% of donations fund additional scholarships for low- and modest-income students and Adult Learners from the region.

Donors with an * after their name are Inaugural Donors that donated between program launch and June 30, 2018. KC Scholars secured a recognizable and respected group of community leaders as Inaugural donors. KC Scholars recognize these groups as Inaugural Donors in perpetuity. Because of their generosity and belief in the program’s mission and impact, KC Scholars exceeded its early fundraising goals.


The law allows an above-the-line income tax charitable deduction of $300, or $600 for married filing jointly.

This is new. A universal charitable deduction never existed before. Only cash gifts are eligible. The provision is permanent, meaning it applies to gifts made in 2020 and each year thereafter. This tax break reduces adjusted gross income and could lead to a reduction in the applicable tax rate and ultimately a much larger savings. A non-itemizing individual can now deduct up to $300 in cash charitable contributions in addition to claiming the standard deduction of $12,400. For married filing jointly, the deduction is $600 with a $24,800 standard deduction.