KC Scholars

Employer Partnership Program

Changing lives while advancing your workforce.

KC Scholars’ mission advances knowledge and education while assisting socio-economic advancement for its scholars, employer partners and community.

Our Employer Partnership Program supports your workforce needs by providing you access to skilled, motivated, knowledgeable scholars ready to work and start their career.
Our scholars are college graduates, interns, certified or trained professionals.

Contact us at employerengagement@kcscholars.org to partner with us.

How Does Our Employer Partnership Work?

Our program offers you three unique partnership options, and you can opt to engage in one or more of these options.

Talent Supply – Employers become members of our program through an internal annual membership, bringing a certain number of KC Scholars as hires.
Talent Acquisition – Employers welcome our KC Scholars as hires through a per-hire fee.
Talent Development – Employers identity staff members within their workforce making less than $45,000 a year, while we provide training funds to advance their development and careers.

All three program options offer support services to the hired KC Scholars, such as soft-skills training, basic needs services, and retention support for up to one year of their new employment.

Our KC Scholars are:

High School and college students interested in internships.
College Students interested in starting their careers post-graduation.
Adult-certified workers looking for career growth and development opportunities.

We look forward to partnering with you!

How are our candidates different?

KC Scholars candidates are from six county bi-state region in Kansas and Missouri (Cass, Clay, Platte, Jackson, Johnson, and Wyandotte.)

  • 77% of college graduates are first generation college students.
  • GJKC Program Scholars receive life skills and support services during and post certification training.
  • All KC Scholars participating in this program are supported through their first year of employment by a dedicated KC Scholar staff resource.
  • Over 80% of our KC Scholars are from diverse backgrounds and demographics.

To see what our scholar demographic landscape looks like today, Click Here!