Workforce Development



The ultimate contribution of KC Scholars will be to enrich the Kansas City workforce with home-grown, racially, and ethnically, economically, and generationally diverse talent. To achieve this contribution, KC Scholars is committed to the goal of ensuring 80% of Scholar graduates remaining in the Kansas City region to work and live.

Workforce development activities will drive this commitment by exposing Scholars to career exploration opportunities from the moment they enter the program. KC Scholars, along with regional workforce collaborators, will prepare Scholars for the future of work through ongoing experiential exposures.

Workforce development activities will include career exploration and workforce readiness training. KC Scholars participants will have access to essential skills assessments, mentorship and career insights, through participation in the KC Scholars Career & Job Readiness Training. Scholars will put their training into practice by participating in real-world internships and job opportunities. Ultimately, in partnership with our community intermediaries and regional employers, we aim to create sustainable career pathways that will increase shared prosperity and increase household incomes for underrepresented communities.

By 2027, KC Scholars will have at least 10,000 college educated, diverse candidates ready to enter the Kansas City regional workforce – strengthening our economy one employee at a time.


Corporations interested in recruiting Scholars for internships or other employment opportunities, please contact Sharmelle at


On Wednesday, April 7, 2021, KC Scholars’ Workforce Development team hosted a panel discussion “Putting Social Justice to Work.” During this event, we had five dynamic speakers share information about careers in Government and Civic Leadership. Thank you to the 60+ Scholars that were in attendance!

For those Scholars that couldn’t make it, we have you covered! Watch the video below to see footage of the event!

“Putting Social Justice to Work” Jobs in Government and Civic Leadership